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Saal-Digital wall painting test

Saal-Digital is one of the leading German online manufacturers of photo products and gave me the opportunity to test a wall-painting. I registered on the Facebook page and received a voucher of 50€ one day later. I was able to use it for a wall-painting product of my choice. I decided for an Alu-Dibond print in the size 90*60cm. I already had the wall painting sample set in the house and was therefore able to choose a material. I had the picture “jetty in a lake” printed, which was taken last summer in Sweden.

I ordered the picture via the Saal Design Software, which is very easy to do. Simply select what you want to print, import your own image and select a holding system. Ready. Of course, there are still various functions to edit or adjust images, but I didn’t use them because the image was already developed.

I placed the order on 10.12 (Sunday) and on 13.12. the package arrived already at my place and was delivered by DHL. I must say, the picture was perfectly packed. As you can see on the photos, the picture was fixed with the front side down on several layers of cardboard, so the picture surface was optimally protected. Because the boxes were so thick, the picture could not break or similar things that I had feared at the beginning with a picture of this size.

When I finally held the picture in my hands, I was enthusiastic about the quality of the print. It looked exactly as I imagined it would. Brilliant colours, matching sharpness and exactly straight printing. Perfect!

All in all, I can highly recommend Saal-Digital for printing. The prices are not cheap, but the quality is right. If it is worth the (adequate!) price to pay, you should definitely take Saal-Digital into the shortlist.

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